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Blackened King Trumpet Tacos with Stone Fruit Pico and Goat Cheese Crema

Chef Michael Noll – C.D.C. at Four by Brother Luck

Mushroom Filling

King trumpet mushroom              1 pound

Blackening spice                             2tbsp

Olive oil                                             1tbsp

Salt                                                     to taste

Corn tortillas, Street Taco size  8 ea

Stone fruit Pico de Gallo

Black plums         diced                    3 ea

Nectarines          diced                    2 ea

Jalapenos            seeded                 3 ea

Shallots                minced                 2 ea

Cilantro                chopped              3 tbsp

Salt                                                     to taste

Lime      juiced                                  1 ea

Goat cheese Crema

Goat cheese                                     1tsp

Sour cream                                       3 tbsp

For the Filling….

Chop the king trumpet mushroom into bite size pieces. Toss with oil and blackening spice. Season with salt. Lightly sauté.

 In a separate bowl, toss the stone fruit, jalapenos, shallots, cilantro, and lime juice. Season with salt to taste.

Next mix the goat cheese and sour cream together till smooth.

Dip your tortilla into a skillet with warm oil to soften them for about 10 seconds.

Fill each tortilla with the blackened mushroom and Pic de Gallo. Then add the goat cheese crema.

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