10lb Gourmet Mushroom Grow Kit


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Grow your own mushrooms with our 10lb Grow Kits. Slice the bag open, water twice a day with included mister, and enjoy your harvest every 8-14 days! Three harvests are possible. Perfect as a gift, an immersive experience, and a tasty meal (or 10!)

Gray Oysters (Difficulty: Beginner) Gray oysters are meaty mushrooms – your go to add-on for burritos, steaks, hashbrowns and stir-fry. We like to cook them well, so they get crispy! Good source of protein, vitamins/minerals, antioxidants, and beta-glucan: one of nature’s most powerful immune-boosting compounds.

Lion’s Mane (Difficulty: Beginner) The texture, taste, and medicinal components of Lion’s Mane are unparalleled across all kingdoms. Slice this delicacy into patties, season, bread and fry it into heaven! Also makes superb crab cakes and pulled pork. Excellent for overall brain-health and neural regeneration.

Black Pearl Oyster (Difficulty: Intermediate) A cross between Pearl Oysters and King Trumpet, Black Pearls have a complex, slightly sweet, robust and earthy flavor. Both the stems and cap can be used, we like to shred the stem up and use it as a ‘shredded-chicken’ in soups, sandwiches, etc. The cap is great seared on each side and thrown on a burger!Black Pearl Oysters contain iron, calcium, potassium, selenium, and vitamins C, D, B1, B3, B5, and B12. Notably, Black Pearls contain high amounts of statins, making them the ideal mushroom to eat to lower levels of cholesterol.

King Trumpets (Difficulty: Intermediate) Dense and fibrous, King Trumpets make superb shredded-chicken, scallops, and bacon. Over 100 slices of bacon from 1lb of King Trumpets using a potato peeler! High in protein and Vitamin B6, along with L-Ergothioneine, an especially powerful antioxidant which helps reduce free radicals in the body. Advanced Kit: Prefers fruiting temperatures in between 55-65 degrees. Only 1-2 harvests possible.

Pioppino (Difficulty: Advanced) When cooked, Pioppino mushrooms have a faint floral aroma, are meaty and crunchy with a nutty, slightly sweet, peppery, and earthy flavor. Stem has similar texture to asparagus. They are rich in copper, fiber, and Vitamin B5. Advanced Kit: Will require fruiting temperature in between 60 and 68, also takes 3 weeks to fruit. Single harvest.

Chestnuts (Difficulty: Advanced) Chestnuts contain very rich, earthy juices which seep out when roasted or seared. They are excellent for risottos, lasagnas, soups, sauces and steaks. Very dense source of vitamins and minerals, along with anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties. Advanced Kit: Will require fruiting temperature in between 60 and 68, also takes 1 month to fruit. Single harvest.



Gray Oyster, Lion's Mane, Black Pearl Oyster, King Trumpet, Pioppino, Chestnut