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Tidal Wave, PE, AA+, JMF, Enigma, PE7, Lizard King

Enjoy premium quality manure-based genetics, triple tested for purity and potency on agar and grain! Our strains are selectively bred to deliver the most potent results. No more contamination, low yields, or poor colonization.

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 Psilocybe Cubensis Lineage Guide


APE revert isolate by Jake Oncid

Albino Most Valuable Producer by Jik from TAM project                                                                    (OG TAT X OG Melmak)


ARC (Albino Rollercoaster)
Leucistic phenotype of Rollercoaster

APE (Albino Penis Envy)
Albino PE, apparently originated from Sporeworks and/or Shroomery user Workman, some say APE is a cross of PF Albino x PE and others say it is an albino isolate of PE, an albino PE isolate is most credited as correct

Landrace from Argentina

Apparently isolated from a wild fruit in southern Australia, these rumors are not confirmed

Avery’s Albino
Isolated albino Cambodian by Albinous White and Robert Young

Aztec God

A Mexican variety, unknown origin suspected around Mazatec


Commercialized cubensis by Mr. G, originally marketed as a Cubensis/Azurescens hybrid


Ban Hua Thanon (BHT)
From John Allen, Thailand

Ban Nathon Dhupatamyia (BND)
From John Allen, Thailand

Ban Phang Ka (BPK)
From John Allen, Thailand

Ban Thurain (BT)
From John Allen, Thailand


Blue APE Revert isolated by Philly Golden Teacher. It came from Sporeworks ape 1.0 MSS. One of his Patreon members grew out the ape MSS, and got a standard ape grow. One of the fruits however did something special and produced a revert and dropped dark pigment spores. These spores were collected and sent to Magic Myco and grown out the last 2 years. Magic Myco labeled them B-APER to differentiate them from APER from Jake Oncids. After
they were grown out, they exhibit a lot of blue color characteristics from the original ape.

B+ x PE cross, not related to Tidal Wave or Magic Myco

Blue Avians
Thai, APE, Hawk & PE Amazon

Blue Jay
TAT x Melmac iso by Jik Fibs

Blue Magnolia Classic (BMC)
Originally isolated by two Shroomery users from Mississippi

Blue Magnolia Rust (BMR)
Rust spored iso of BMC, by Mycotopia user Cue


Blue Meanie (cubensis)

Named by Keeper after Pan Cyan nickname, many say this was just a marketing ploy


Blue Moon
TAT x Melmac cross isolate by Jik Fibs


Brass Monkey
Pigmented APE revert project by Dave Wombat

Landrace from Brazil

Burma/Albino Burma
From Yangon, Myanmar, apparently gifted to John Allen who then isolated

Burmese Smurf TAT Smurf / Luecistic Burma Hybrid
TMU Genetics


Landrace from Cambodia

Landrace from Nepal

Chocolate Krinkle

Mr. Krinkle x El Choco cross by Dave Wombat

Choco TAT
(WTAT x El Choco) by Dave Wombat

El Choco x Melmak by most likely Dave Wombat

Choco Rojo
A mutation of wild Mexican red spore by Dave Wombat

Clockwork Orange
TAT (true albino teacher) isolated by Dave Wombat

Chodewave (OG CW)
Stabilized cross of Tidal Wave x APE originated by Uncle J (Raymond Midichee), different isolated phenotypes originate from this such as Loaves, Scylla, and ACW

Unstable Mexican red spore mutation from Dave Wombat

Melmak isolation from Yoshi Amano

Colombian Rust Spore (CRS)
Colombian, rust spored, sold by Sporeworks as B+ for brief time, from Shroomery user Workman

Legend has it this variety was isolated from a wild fruit in Colorado

Coneheads TAT

TAT mutation by TMU Genetics

Landrace isolate from Brazil


Costa Rican Arenal Volcano was collected in Costa Rica at the base of a volcano, distributed by Drew from ITW

Creeper (Keeper’s Creeper)
Namesake isolate by Keeper


Crooked Mystery
Originated from an unlabeled mystery swab and isolated by Dave Wombat

Daddy Long Legs

Not much credible info available, isolate or rename bt Ralphsters Spores

Dancing Dragons
Hybrid of Chinese & Thailand

Deep End
Yeti isolation by Jik Fibbs


Very little to no credible info available on this variety, suspected Keeper/Willy Myco rename or is Divinity Trinity x Divinity cross. This is a true dikaryon  hybrid by TMU Genetics.

MagicMyco cross of Tidal Wave x Peacock

Landrace from Ecuador, some dispute this claiming Cubensis does not naturally grow there or was introduced to the region by man

El Choco
B+ iso by Dave Wombat

Elephant Dung
From John Allen, Thailand

End Game
TAT x Melmac cross iso by Jik Fibs

Sporeless yet stabilized blob-like mutation of Tidal Wave, also known as TW2

Enigma revert iso by Dave Wombat, known to throw albino and pigmented fruits

Entheogen Explosion
Little to no information available, apparently originally available from PremiumSpores

Landrace iso from Puerto Rico

TAT x Melmac cross iso by Jik Fibs

Also called Florida White, commonly leucistic iso, unknown originator

Apparently a cross of PF Albino x F+ by Shroomery user The Chosen One
A hybrid of Hillbilly x Fiji

Landrace apparently from the island of Fiji

TAT x Melmac cross iso by MycoMama Angela and Fahthyr O Blivion after initial cross by Jik Fibs

TAT iso by Jik Fibs, further iso Ghost Rider
Golden E4K Hybrid of E4k and Golden Teacher

Golden Hawk
Golden Teacher/P.E. Hawk

Golden Halo
Muddled history, some claim these originated from a wild Jamaican sample, some claim this was iso’d from a wild fruit from Gulf Coast USA in 2012 by GoldenHaloSpore Company, others say this is an iso of CRS credited to Shroomery user Morelman in 2015, in other words, we may never know the true origin of Golden Halo

Golden Mammoth
Little history, many say this is a B+ iso/rename by Mr. G, some say these drop rust or gold spores

Golden Teacher (GT)
Generic commercialized cube, some say originally
from the coast of Georgia, USA, unknown originator, some say Mr. G

Great White Monster (GWM)
Apparently, iso’d from a chemically altered
white fruit, also apparently a cross of Puerto Rico x AA+, some even say that GWM is just an iso of AA+, questions over originator

Ground Zero
Leng x Choda cross by Dave Wombat

Landrace from Guadalajara, Mexico

Melmac TP iso by Dave Wombat, same origin as AMAK

From Vietnam, iso credited to John Allen

Isolated from a wild Alabama fruit, unknown originator

Landrace from village Huautla de Jiménez in Mexico
Hung Great White Monster And Moby Dick. TMU Genetics.

Iceberg (ATLY)
In house Isolated by Miss Mush

Illusion Weaver
Apparently a Keeper iso/rename

Jack Frost
TAT x APE cross by Dave Wombat

Jedi Mind Fuck (JMF)
Unknown origin, possible Keeper or Willy Myco iso/rename but there is little to no credible information available on this variety.

John Allen (Allen Strain)
Namesake variety brought back and iso’d by John Allen from Thailand, commonly confused with species Psilocybe Allenii, also named after John Allen

Juke’s Peak
Cross JMF x Blue Meanie isolate by Miss Mush

KSSS x APE cross, unknown originator

KSSS Squat x TAT cross by Dave Wombat

Koh Samui Classic (KSC)
From Hua Thanon, Thailand, originally credited from John Allen

Koh Samui Super Strain (KSSS)
Iso of KSC, questions over originator,
various phenotypes from ‘peyote’ to ‘squat’

Long APE, iso by Nichy Myco and Suzie Greenberg
L.A.S.S. (Lang Albino Super Squats) TAT isolated mutation

Squatty GT iso by Dave Wombat

Leucistic JMF (Jedi Mind Fuck)
In house isolate by Miss Mush

Leucistic Treasure Coast (LTC)
Iso originated by Luna Morningstar

Lex Luther (Cream Lex Luther)
Originated and iso’d from wild samples by
Berserker Genetics, Cream Lex Luthor known to be leucistic iso
Albino A+ & Tidalwave hybrid

Lipa Yai
iso from Lipa Yai, Thailand, credited to John Allen

Lizard King (LK)
iso’d by Shroomery user Lizard King, apparently from Gulf Coast, USA

Stabilized phenotype of Chodewave (TW x APE) credited to Uncle J

Mak 120
Melmac OG iso by Taylor Yates and Luna Morningstar

Melmac OG x Avery Albino cross, most likely unstable Avery Albino
Makilla Gorilla Cross between DC Melmac and Albino Penis Envy (APE).

Landrace from the Malabar Coast in India

From Malaysia, credited to John Allen

There is almost no credible information given on its origin or history, unknown originator

Landrace from Mazatec, Mexico
Maza-Bensi A Hybrid Of Alacabensi And Mazatapec

Supposedly a PE hybrid/cross by Terence McKenna, not much other credible info available

Mexicana Cubensis
Psilocybe mexicana

Melmac Revert
Reverted Melmac iso, unknown originator, possibly Edible
Earth Fungi

Melmac 118
Edible Earth Fungi Melmac OG Iso

(Melmac OG or Homestead PE)- PE iso originally from the Homestead Company, bought out, renamed from Homestead PE to Melmac, and distributed by Alf in 2017, many say Melmac is the closest to the OG PE
genetics available now

Melmac TP (Thick Penis)
Edible Earth Fungi Melmac iso

iso’d from Texas by Shroomery user lostfreddy

Mexican Albino
Leucistic cube mislabeled albino, from Mexico and credited to John Allen, originally marketed by Ralphsters Spores

Mexican Dutch King
Found in many coffee and head shops in Amsterdam, many credit this variety to a lost European High Times vendor

Some say this is an iso by Mr G, others say this is a Keeper variety, suspected Mexican origin

Moby Dick
Leucistic cube, some say this variety is just renamed AA+ and others say its a cross of AA+ x GT, originator unknown

Mr. Krinkle
TAT iso by Dave Wombat

MVP (Most Valued Producer)
TAT x Melmac cross by Jik Fibs and Dave Wombat
Albino MVP Albino cross of TAT x Melmac
Namaste Na Maung×Tsumani Hybrid. TMU Genetics

MagicMyco iso of Namuang Thailand
New Zealand Chaw
New Zealand cubensis

Normak (Normac)
Apparently a Melmac/PE iso by Reddit user SjKoD, iso’d from a 3 gram fresh sample

Yeti (TAT) iso by Myco Clay and Strictly Spores

Melmac OG iso, known to throw blob like mutations, unknown originator

Orissa India
From India, credited to John Allen

Landrace from Palenque, Mexico

Hybrid of PE/ AA+

Magic Myco cross of Tidal Wave x Aztec God x AA+ (some say Avery Albino instead of AA+, unconfirmed from source)

Cross of PE x Texas Gulf Coast (TGC), credited to Shroomery user RogerRabbit

Pearly Gates
Melmac x TAT cross iso by TAT Syndicate member Michael Montgomery

PES Amazonian (PESA)
From the company Pacifica Exotica Spora, likely originated from Colombia, originally marketed as a Cubensis/Azurescens hybrid, some say the A in PESA does not stand for Amazonian but rather

PES Hawaiian (PESH)
PES headquarters was based in Hawaii, named this iso after their home State

Penis Envy (PE)
An alleged iso’d mutation originally from the Amazonian rainforest credited to both Terence McKenna and Steven Pollock in the 1970’s, much debate with Rich Gee being true originator (see Hamilton
Morris interview)

An apparent cross of PE x B+, unknown originator

Penis Envy Hawk (P.E. Hawk)
MagicMyco cross of PE x Mazatapec

Penis Envy Uncut (PEU)
Apparently a cross of PF Albino x PE, credited to Shroomery user Workman

PF Albino
Unstable albino PF Classic iso, originator believed to be Professor Fanaticus

PF Classic
Iso named after famed Professor Fanaticus, apparently originally marketed by the Homestead Company

PF Redspore
Rust spored PF Classic iso, unknown originator, suspected
Professor Fanaticus

Albino Mars iso by Mycocat Genetix

Pink Buffalo (PB)
From Thailand and credited to Milo Zverino, named after rare pink buffalo, apparently found on water buffalo dung

Plantasia Mystery
Apparently an outdoor grow/isolation by The Grow Room, from a Thai cube, some have rumored this to be a Cubensis/Azurescens hybrid

Puerto Rico (PR)
Landrace from Puerto Rico

Purple Mystic (PM)
An iso from Plant City, Florida by Shroomery user blackd0ve420

Quinn’s Cut
Leucistic Burma x Blue Magnolia cross by Miss Mush

Apparently originated and iso’d by Ralphsters Spores and associates from wild American samples

Red spored iso/cross by Shroomery user Roger Rabbit, apparently an OG almost lost variety, legend has it that modern day Redboy comes from a Roger Rabbit snake venom cross of a true red-spored cube and Puerto Rico

Sub Strain of ISO of TePe

TAT x Tidal Wave cross originated by Berserker Genetics and Seven Del Gato

Roatan Honduras
Apparent landrace from the Roatan island off Honduras

Roger Rabbit (RR)
Leucistic TAT iso by Kilor Diamond

TidalWave Sister strain (TW² & TW³ like mutations)
Rudolph A hybrid Of Rusty Whyte/G.T./ P.E.S.A. TMU Genetics.

Rusty Whyte (RW)
Cross of AA+ x Colombian Rust by Shroomery user RustyWhyte
Saint Nick A Hybrid Between Rusty Whyte And Z-Strain. TMU Genetics.

Stabilized phenotype of Chodewave (TW x APE) originated by Uncle J

Shamans Gift
Very little is known of this variety, some suspect this to be a Keeper iso

Albino Malabar iso by MycoMama Angela and husband

Shooting Star
Keeper iso, not much known other than that

South African Transkei (SAT)
Reportedly from South Africa, not much documented

South American
From Venezuela, apparently introduced into the region by man

Sporeworks PE (SW PE)
Standard isolation of PE by Sporeworks, known to blob and mutate, assumed iso by Workman

Apparently iso’d from a wild sample originally in South America near Incan ruins. Suspected in Peru. This variety is held in high regard by Paul Stamets

Starry Night
APE isolation by Jeff Hutchens

Sunny Side Up (SSU)
Cross of Melmac Revert x APE by Nichy Myco and Suzie Greenberg
Cross of Albino Chodewave x Yeti

OG, almost extinct variety, SyZyGy was the name of McKenna brother’s shop in Hawaii, iso apparently from Terence McKenna and distributed/revived by Free Spore Ring Europe
Taman Negara Taman Negara is a strain that was originally collected in Taman Negara, Malaysia and then domesticated.

Landrace from Tasmania
TAT Smurf
TAT isolation by TMU Genetics

Tidalwave (TW)
Magic Myco cross of PE x B+, multiple iso’s and variations such as TW1 TW2 (Enigma), TW3, TW4 and TW5
Tooth Decay TAT mutation
Tosohatchee Wild cubensis strain from Florida

MagicMyco cross of PE x Tidal Wave x Aztec God

MagicMyco cross of Tidal Wave x Aztec God

True Albino Teacher (TAT)
Albino GT iso by Jik Fibs

Wombat TAT
OG TAT iso by Dave Wombat

TAT Black Cap (TBC)
TAT iso by Dave Wombat and Jik Fibs, further iso Harly Quin

Magic Myco cross of Tidal Wave x Penis Envy

Texas Gulf Coast (TGC)
Landrace iso from the gulf coast of Texas, unknown originator

Thai Elephant Dung
From Thailand, credited to John Allen, supposedly found under wild elephant dung

Thai Lipa Yi
From Thailand, credited to John Allen

Treasure Coast
Supposed landrace from Florida’s Treasure Coast, some say Mr. G originated/iso’d this variety
Vader Cross of Melmac & Blue Meanie

White Teacher
Leucistic Golden Teacher, unknown originator
White Rabbit Cross Albino Penis Envy/Albino A+/Golden Teacher (Moby Dick)

Landrace apparently from Southern Australia, however this is not confirmed and is debated

Suspected Mexican origin, not much documented on this variety

TAT x Melmac cross iso by Jik Fibs

TAT iso by Jik Fibs, various further isos like Nutcracker, 2.0, King Yeti, Yoda’s Yeti (Seven Del Gato iso) and Deep End

GT iso by Dave Wombat

Zillacybin (Zilla)
MagicMyco cross of Lizard King x KSSS x APE

Z Strain
Keeper iso/rename, many people assume this to be B+ iso



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Tidal Wave, Fat Ghost, Enigma, AA+, Vader, Yeti, Mexi, Pink Buffalo, Hillbilly Pumpkin, Steel Magnolia, Golden Teacher, Jedi Mind Fuck, KOH, Squat Mac, ODPE, Mazatapec Wombat, Gandalf, Super APE, Trinity, Haole, Storm Trooper, Lucid Gates, Light Wave, Albino Hillbilly, Makilla Gorilla, PE, PE7, Caramel Popcorn, Lizard King