Organic Chaga Spagyric Tincture


Organic Chaga Spagyric Tincture: Premium Extract from 100% Fruiting Bodies

Discover the natural potency of our Organic Chaga Tincture. Crafted for optimal sublingual intake, this tincture seamlessly integrates with your daily regimen. For those looking for an added twist, blend it with your favorite drink. Our meticulous spagyric extraction method promises you the most potent and bioavailable form of Chaga, ensuring every drop offers the full spectrum of Chaga’s benefits.

Serving Recommendations: 1-3 ML daily. Each meticulously crafted bottle holds 30 ML (1oz).

Why Chaga? – Explore the Benefits:

  • Boosted Immunity: With its rich content of beta-glucans and polysaccharides, Chaga is sought after for strengthening the immune system.
  • Antioxidant Properties: Combat oxidative stress and promote holistic wellness with Chaga’s renowned antioxidant profile.
  • Digestive Balance: Experience harmony in your digestive system with Chaga’s balancing attributes.
  • Natural Anti-Inflammatory: Turn to Chaga’s known anti-inflammatory attributes for potential relief.
  • Skin Health: Shield and nourish your skin against UV rays, thanks to Chaga’s melanin content.
  • Heart Health Support: With Chaga, maintain a heart-friendly cholesterol balance.
  • Natural Cancer Defense: Chaga’s triterpenes have garnered interest for their potential role in supporting body defenses against specific cancers.

Note: The FDA hasn’t evaluated these statements. This product isn’t intended to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease. Always consult a healthcare specialist before adding a new supplement.


1. **Immune System Support:**
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2. **Antioxidant Properties:**
– Park, Y. K., Lee, H. B., Jeon, E. J., Jung, H. S., & Kang, M. H. (2004). Chaga mushroom extract inhibits oxidative DNA damage in human lymphocytes as assessed by comet assay. *Biofactors*, 21(1-4), 109-112.

3. **Digestive Health:**
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4. **Anti-inflammatory Properties:**
– Lee, S. H., Hwang, H. S., & Yun, J. W. (2009). Antitumor activity of water extract of a mushroom, **Inonotus obliquus**, against HT-29 human colon cancer cells. *Phytotherapy Research*, 23(12), 1784-1789.

5. **Skin Protection:**
– Youn, M. J., Kim, J. K., Park, S. Y., Kim, Y., Kim, S. J., Lee, J. S., … & Kim, Y. O. (2008). Potential anticancer properties of the water extract of **Inonotus obliquus** by induction of apoptosis in melanoma B16-F10 cells. *Journal of Ethnopharmacology*, 121(2), 221-228.

6. **Heart Health:**
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7. **Cancer Support:**
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