Dried Mushrooms


100% Dried Lion’s Mane Fruitbodies! Simply throw your dried Lion’s mane into a smoothie or boil into a tea to reap all of its medicinal benefits. This is not ‘Lion’s Mane Powder’ extracted from myceliated grain, which constitutes much of the ‘Dried Lion’s Mane Powder’ on the market. Many studies have shown that the fruit bodies have exponentially more beneficial compounds than extracted mycelium, and we attest that you will feel the difference!

Dried Porcini, foraged in the Colorado Mountains in 2021 by a Certified Forager. Extremely flavorful, they are perfect to add in soups, reconstitute into pasta or powderize and coat meat/mushroom/fish steaks!

Dried Mixed Mushrooms, constitutes of our Pioppino and Chestnuts – our longest maturing and most flavorful gourmet mushrooms. Great on pizza, pasta, sandwiches, or powderized and used as seasoning.



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Dried mushrooms are great for reconstituting into dishes, powderized and used as seasoning, or to make your own extracts/supplements.

Mushrooms are dried in a dehydrator to cracker dry and preserve well at room temperature.

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Dried Lion's Mane, Dried Porcini, Dried Mixed