Organic Lion’s Mane Spagyric Tincture


Organic Lion’s Mane Spagyric Tincture: Premium Neurotropic Extract from 100% Fruiting Bodies

Embark on a journey of cognitive enlightenment with our Organic Lion’s Mane Tincture. Primarily intended for sublingual use, it’s a perfect addition to your daily health ritual. Alternatively, infuse it into your favorite beverage for a mind-nourishing treat. Through our intricate spagyric extraction technique, we present Lion’s Mane in its richest and most absorbable form, ensuring you grasp its profound neural benefits.

Serving Recommendations: 1-3 ML daily. Each meticulously crafted bottle contains 30 ML (1oz).

The Neural Wonder of Lion’s Mane – Unlock the Cognitive Benefits:

  • Brain Powerhouse: Lion’s Mane is reputed for potentially enhancing cognitive function, focus, and memory.
  • Neural Regeneration: Dive into the world of neurogenesis with Lion’s Mane, believed to stimulate nerve growth factor production.
  • Mood Elevator: Experience potential mood stabilization and anxiety relief, attributes often linked with regular Lion’s Mane consumption.
  • Antioxidant Reservoir: Enrich your body’s defenses against oxidative stress with the powerful antioxidants in Lion’s Mane.
  • Digestive Ally: Harness the mushroom’s potential benefits in supporting a healthy gut and digestive function.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always liaise with a healthcare expert before initiating any new supplement.


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1. **Enhancing cognitive function, focus, and memory**:
– Mori, K., Inatomi, S., Ouchi, K., Azumi, Y., & Tuchida, T. (2009). Improving effects of the mushroom Yamabushitake (Hericium erinaceus) on mild cognitive impairment: a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial. *Phytotherapy Research, 23*(3), 367-372.

2. **Stimulating nerve growth factor production (Neural Regeneration)**:
– Kawagishi, H., Ando, M., Sakamoto, H., Yoshida, S., Ojima, F., Ishiguro, Y., … & Furukawa, S. (1991). Hericenones C, D and E, stimulators of nerve growth factor (NGF)-synthesis, from the mushroom Hericium erinaceum. *Tetrahedron Letters, 32*(35), 4561-4564.
– Lai, P. L., Naidu, M., Sabaratnam, V., Wong, K. H., David, R. P., Kuppusamy, U. R., … & Malek, S. N. (2013). Neurotrophic properties of the Lion’s mane medicinal mushroom, Hericium erinaceus (Higher Basidiomycetes) from Malaysia. *International journal of medicinal mushrooms, 15*(6).

3. **Mood stabilization and anxiety relief**:
– Nagano, M., Shimizu, K., Kondo, R., Hayashi, C., Sato, D., Kitagawa, K., & Ohnuki, K. (2010). Reduction of depression and anxiety by 4 weeks Hericium erinaceus intake. *Biomedical Research, 31*(4), 231-237.

4. **Powerful antioxidants**:
– Wong, K. H., Naidu, M., David, R. P., Bakar, R., & Sabaratnam, V. (2012). Neuroregenerative potential of lion’s mane mushroom, Hericium erinaceus (Bull.: Fr.) Pers. (higher Basidiomycetes), in the treatment of peripheral nerve injury (review). *International journal of medicinal mushrooms, 14*(5).

5. **Supporting a healthy gut and digestive function**:
– Diling, C., Xin, Y., Chaoqun, Z., Jian, Y., Xiaocui, T., Jun, C., … & Oimin, C. (2017). Extracts from Hericium erinaceus relieve inflammatory bowel disease by regulating immunity and gut microbiota. *Oncotarget, 8*(49), 85838.

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