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Find our produce in these fine establishments:

Sourdough Boulangerie

6453 Omaha Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO ·Open Mon - Fri: 8am - 7pm ; Sat: 8am - 4pm ​

Bread & Butter Neighborhood Market

602 S Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs, CO · Open everyday 7AM-7PM

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Hippocrates


At Microvora, we believe that good food and well being come first.

By incorporating fresh, organically-grown superfoods into your diet, you will not only reap the disease-ridding, energy boosting ALIVENESS within your daily being, but also enjoy the longevity and richness that life has to wholly offer!


Our extensive catalog will ensure that you obtain the complex variety of vitamins/minerals, polysaccharides and compounds from mushrooms and microgreens that your body deserves!!


In tandem with local Chefs throughout our community, we have curated recipes to help you bring the best flavors and experiences out of your Gourmet Mushrooms and Microgreens..




Thank you for shopping local! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out via telephone or the contact form below.

Woooo last day of 2020!! 💚🍄🥳🌱❤

We hope you all had a great holiday and wish you a Happy New Years!!

Fraught with challanges, 2020 proved to be a rather transformational year for us, alongside the whole industry.

I am proud of all the restaurant owners, chefs, and staff in our city that altered their modus operandum to survive these challenging times. I believe we will all come out stronger and more resilient than before, benefitting greatly from the connection between local restaurants, local farms, and our local community, whose importance has been heavily showcased and strengthened throughout the shutdowns.

I want to give a special thanks to our team at Microvora @tay.ler_33 @isaacdanielwins, and @cristianco47 for consistently kicking ass and producing/selling the highest quality mushrooms and microgreens in Colorado Springs. It has been a real pleasure working alongside you three, who I'm lucky to also call my friends.

Furthermore, thank you to all the individuals we've met at the farmer's markets, everyone who's ordered online through our website, @socovirtualfarmersmarket members, coordinators and volunteers, and all the great Chefs we've met and worked alongside with throughout the year.

You all directly kept the cement mixer turning and LEDs on in the farm over the last year, and we are forever grateful and thankful to you for the support 🙏

We have some very exciting upgrades planned for 2021, and look forward to sharing them with you all once they are here 🙂

Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year, from all of us at Microvora.


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New Recipe Uploaded! King Trumpet Mushroom Toast, from the crew @prime25co

This dish will definitely elevate your breakfast to the next level: quick-pickled green onions atop of pan-seared King Trumpet mushrooms, broiled fontina cheese and local butter from @sawatchartisanfoods

Get your orders in today for Wednesday delivery!

#eatlocal #goodfood #localmushrooms #microgreens #mushroomrecipes #cosfoodies

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35% OFF SALE!! Discount code 35OFF

🍄🍄Now through Sunday night 🌱🌱

Order online, free delivery in CO Springs and surrounding cities 🙂

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Chef Osmer and Veto throwing down some Salmon Mediterranean at Joseph's! Awesome food, great staff and a lovely environment, makes for a perfect date-night!! #ColoradoSprings #eatlocal #microgreens ...

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Superb vegan 'Carnitas' tacos and Shepherd's Pie from @beastsandbrews, made using our Lion's Mane mushrooms. Salud!

#cosveganrestaurantweek #ColoradoSprings #Lion's Mane

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**Last market of the season!!**

Bancroft Park, Old Colorado City, Saturday 8am-1:30PM

❤❤A massive thank you to all of the wonderful people we've met throughout market season and the support you all have given us, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!!❤❤

We'll have a ton of Lion's Mane available, so get your best crab cake/fried shrimp recipes handy and come get stocked up 😋😋

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Have you checked out the newest recipe on our website? Behold - Mushroom Spring Rolls! We had a lot of fun making these. These fresh Vietnamese style spring rolls really allow you to express your culinary creativity. We filled ours with marinated Gray Oyster mushrooms, our Premium Salad Mix microgreens, rice noodles, and local veggies from @newrootsfarmllc ! They are an easy and nutritious on-the-go snack or lunch. Tag us in your culinary creations! 😋🍄☘
#MushLove #GrayOysterMushroom #Microgreens #Vegetables #NewRecipe #Vegan #SimpleFood #HealthyFood #SpringRolls #SupportLocal #ColoradoSprings

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Market season is almost over 💔 But fret not! Microvora grows year round in a climate controlled facility. We happily deliver gourmet microgreens and mushrooms to your doorstep for free on Wednesdays. Simply order your favorites on the Microvora website *link in bio*. We are so thankful for all the love and support you have shown us this market season. Come see us today at the Bancroft Park market in Old Colorado City! The last market will be October 10th. Hope to see you there! 👋☘🍄
#MushLove #ThankYou #FarmersMarket #SupportLocal #Delivery #GourmetFood #Microgreens #Mushrooms #ColoradoSprings

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Brunch is served! You'll find a new recipe on our website for Biscuits and Mushroom Country Gravy. Chestnut mushrooms have a higher oil content than other mushrooms which lends itself to a rich, mouthwatering gravy perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner. What is your favorite meal of the day? ☘🍄🍳
#MushLove #Brunch #ChestnutMushroom #Gravy #Delicious #EatLocallyGrown #MostImportantMealOfTheDay #Gourmet #Microgreens #Mushrooms #ColoradoSprings

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Chestnuts are one of our most popular mushrooms grown at Microvora and they take the longest to grow. Their flavor profile is earthy and nutty with pepper undertones. Have you tried them yet? Keep your eyes peeled for a new recipe featuring these beauties 😋🍄☘
#MushLove #ChestnutMushroom #GourmetFood #EatLocallyGrown #Microgreens #Mushrooms

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Another week, another recipe! We just shared how to make Lion's Mane "crab cakes" on our website *link in bio* . This recipe is super simple and would make for a great appetizer, party food, or light meal. Tag us in your culinary creations!
#MushLove #LionsMane #Vegetarian #Vegan #Delicious #EatLocal #BrainFood #Mushrooms #Microgreens

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It's a little unnerving how much Lion's Mane resembles a brain, but rightly so! Here's 5 ways Lion's Mane supports brain health:
- Increases brain plasticity, which helps your brain cells stay resilient in the face of stress or aging
- Reduces inflammation
- Boosts your memory and *potentially* protects from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
- Stimulates the creation of nerve growth and strengthens existing nerves
- Improves mood and focus

#LionsMane #Brain #MushLove #HealthyFood #BrainFood #Antioxidants #LocallyGrown #EatLocal

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New recipe alert! This cold weather inspired us to cook up some comfort food. Here we have Mushroom Makhani (Mushroom Butter Masala) served with rice and naan. We used Gray Oyster, Golden Oyster, Chestnut mushrooms, and garnished with cilantro and red shiso microgreens. Find the recipe through the link in our bio 🍄☘😋
#MushLove #EatLocal #Mushroom #Microgreen #Vegetarian #ComfortFood #Spices #FeedMe #SupportLocal

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