Microdosing & Integration

Microvora offers grow kits, one-on-one and group integration therapy, guided trip sitting and online therapeutic yoga sessions to accompany your journey inwards.

The possession, gifting and cultivation of psychedelic mushrooms for personal for adults 21+ is legal in Colorado with the passing of Proposition 122.
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Micro-dosing is the practice of taking a “micro” (or, sub-hallucinogenic) dose of mushrooms (or another entheogenic substance) over a gradual period of time, slightly increasing sensory perceptions to facilitate greater present moment awareness, but without the risk of unpleasant experiences sometimes associated with larger doses.


A microdose is 100mg-200mg, depending on the person. We recommend taking 2 days on, 1 day off for 1 month, but different protocols work better for different people! Lion’s Mane is an excellent mushroom to accompany microdosing because of its capacity to create new neurons and neural pathways in the brain, and ability to repair existing neurological damage.


Microdosing has been studied to improve:
πŸ„Β Creativity
πŸ„ Cognitive function
πŸ„ Visual & auditory function
πŸ„ Physical performance
πŸ„ Connectivity & relationships
πŸ„ “Flow state”
πŸ„ Addictive habits & behaviors
πŸ„ Trauma triggers
πŸ„ Physical discomforts, including menstrual relief & migraines
Intention and integration are powerful awareness tools designed to enrich the human experience.
Where to?Β The medicine does well to reveal that the path itself is often the destination, so ground your journey with the guidance of intention. As is such with life, the path can become pebbled.
Plan accordingly & safeguard your experience with the support of a professional guide who is qualified to offer navigational support every step of the way.
Mantra-like intentions :
* I embody patience
* My emotions are friends, not threats
* I embody & attract abundance
* I am the architect of my life
* I am worthy of happinessΒ 
Directive intentions :
* I soften & create space when I reach my edge* Is this moment the cost of my freedom?* Are my words a reflection of my truth?* Does this choice serve my greater purpose?
Integrate (pause, reflect) as you go.
Often referred to as the “sacred pause,” integrating is the simple exercise of taking time to reflect.
Like intentionality, integration carries a high frequency of mindfulness. Your new wisdom has the ability to cultivate new freedoms, injecting old ways of thinking or unhealthy habits with spaciousness
Simple ways to integrate :
  • Daily capture (1-2 lines to capture the essence of your daily experience)
  • Active journaling (use a dedicated “Notes” in your phone to capture insights as they arise)
β€’ Take care of your body. Leave your mind, get into your body, sweat it out & release.
β€’ Explore the different styles
β€’ Therapy​
β€’ Schedule a weekly time to share & unpack with a trusted loved one
β€’ Take yourself on a daily stroll outside, actively embodying presence with each step (15 mins)​
β€’ Schedule a daily 1-hour digital detox to recharge & check in with your body
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